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A tight-weave group of rising agents, alongside their chief, is all of a sudden torn separated when they find that one of their own adolescent little girls has been mercilessly killed.

Nov 20,2015

Hollywood Movies | Thriller | Mystery

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2002: Ray Kasten (Chiwetel Ejiofor) and Jess Cooper (Julia Roberts) are two examinations in a private police unit drove by the DA. When they get an unknown tip around a young lady assaulted and executed, they race to the scene. Beam acknowledges it is Jess' little girl and the group goes into disrepair because of the melancholy. In 2015, Ray returns to LA, and says that following 13 years, he has found a lead and persuades the DA to revive the case. They discover signs and leads obscure to them, and insider facts from the past become visible as they begin finding the genuine, chilling truth. In the interim, Jess, unsatisfied with the law, chooses to take matters into her own particular hands and find the executioner, regardless of what lengths she needs to go to.

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity A woman's body is lying face down with her short dress exposing her skin up before her buttocks. Cops go to a young stripper's house. Posters of a woman in a bikini top and lots of cleavage is showing, for a couple of minutes; a Poster with a woman in a greenish bikini. A cop, grabs a woman and supposedly opens a button on her blouse. Her skin is showing near her bra. Then the woman bends over to talk to the cop while he's interrogating a man. The man stares at the woman's opened blouse, cleavage is shown. A man unzips his trousers, but nothing is seen. A man and woman are walking. The woman unfastens a button on her blouse, revealing more than before. Talk of a rape. Man unzips pants, pulls out his penis (nothing shown) and refers to its size.
violence The movie centres around the rape and murder of a teenage girl. This is only shown in very short flashback shots, nothing in detail is shown, only very briefly do you see the girl yelling and trying to fight off her attacker. Again, this is very brief. A man punches another man repeatedly in the face after he sees him hit a woman. The woman is okay and stops the man punching the other man. However, the man's face is shown with blood on it, and in a later scene he is seen with a very swollen eye and bruising on his face. A man is knocked unconscious with an iron rod. A man is kicked in the ribs while laying on the floor and then punched once or twice in the face. This scene doesn't last long. A man jumps over a balcony at a sports stadium and seems to break his leg when he lands on the concrete below. There is a shoot-out where a couple of men die, however there is no blood shown.
profanity One use of "f--k" (Yeah, fuckhead. I'm the guy that took your comic-book) , and several others of "b_tch" and "sh_t'. A couple of "d_ck/d_ckhead."
frightening Murders, flashbacks to a brutal beating and rape. A man is held captive for 13 years.

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