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Jigsaw kidnaps a doctor to keep him alive while he watches his new apprentice put an unlucky citizen through a brutal test.

Oct 27,2006

Hollywood Movies | Horror | Mystery

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Jeff is an anguished man, who grieves and misses his young son that was killed by a driver in a car accident. He has become obsessed for revenge against the man and reckless with his wife and daughter. When Dr. Lynn Denlon, who has troubles with her marriage, is abducted by the deranged Jigsaw's apprentice Amanda, she is brought to a gruesome warehouse to keep John Kramer alive in spite of having a terminal brain tumor. Amanda puts a necklace gadget full of explosives around Dr. Lynn's neck connected to John Kramer's life support system, and tells her that if he dies the device will explode. Meanwhile, Jeff is submitted to a sick game of forgiveness with surprising dark consequences.

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity 5/10 A nude woman is shown chained to a pipe in a freezer room. A woman pulls down her pants; her underwear is shown.
violence 10/10 A man smashes his foot multiple times with a toilet lid in order to break it. A man rips several rings out of his flesh. A woman sticks her hand in a jar of acid to retrieve a key. She pulls out her hand, which is now bloody and severely burned. A machine pulls a woman's ribs apart; her organs fall to the floor. A nude woman freezes to death (she is covered in ice). A man has his cheek stuck to a cold pole, and when he pulls free it rips part of his skin off. Decaying pig carcasses are dropped into a pool where a man is strapped down; the man almost drowns in pig guts. A man is shot in the side of the head by a shotgun. A man is screwed into an apparatus that twists his limbs around. First it twists his arms, then his legs, and then his head is twisted completely around. A woman performs surgery on a man by cutting open his skull with a power saw; his brain becomes visible. A woman wraps a plastic bag around a man's head, he flails trying to get away, and he hits his head on a toilet. A woman shoots another woman in the back; blood sprays on a plastic sheet, and she falls into a man's arms. A man fatally shoots a woman in the neck. A man uses a power saw to slice another man's throat. An explosive device is detonated and blows the front half of a woman's head off. A man and a woman fight: the man hits the woman with a metal pole, smashes her head against a wall (blood is shown dripping down her face), and bites her knee. The woman kicks the man and escapes. A man has a seizure; he vomits, begins to thrash violently, and spits blood. A young boy is brought into an emergency room on a stretcher and has a bloody head wound and a bloody wound on his side. There are disjointed sequences of a boy dying after having been struck by a car are shown; there is no blood.
profanity 9/10 There are 36 uses of "fuck", 3 uses of "bitch", 3 uses of "shit", 1 use of "cunt", 1 use of "ass", 4 uses of "damn", 7 uses of "God", and 1 use of "hell".
alcohol 3/10 A woman is shown taking anti-depressants. A man injects himself with a drug that will make him appear dead. A woman injects a man with an anesthetic.
frightening 10/10 The traps may be intense for some viewers. The brain surgery, which is graphic, may be intense for some viewers. A woman touches the Reverse Bear Trap. A minute later, it goes off, startling her. This may frighten some viewers. Total: 37/50.

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