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Tired of their mothers alcoholism and a string of her abusive boyfriends, two sisters plot to kill her.

Apr 08,2014

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Tired of their mothers alcoholism and a string of her abusive boyfriends, two sisters plot to kill her.

On January 18, 2003, police, alerted by a frantic 911 call from a distraught pair of teenage girls, arrived at the girls Toronto area town house to find their mother dead. It appeared the 44-year-old alcoholic, having slipped into a booze-and-pill stupor, drowned in her own bathwater. The death was ruled accidental by the authorities. In the months that followed, however, police were alerted to rumours and reports that the teenagers had been gossiping to friends about the accident. Police began piecing together rumours that suggested the teens might have had a hand in their mothers death. In fact, rather than an accident, the story that emerged portrayed the two teens as cold-blooded, premeditated killers.

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity Suggested MPAA rating: Rated R for violence, some sexual content, language, drug and alcohol use - some involving teens At party scene starts with a young couple making out on a balcony. While drunk Sandra removes her top, revealing her bra and she dances. Steve shoves Beth against a wall, he tries to kiss her but she struggles and he let's go and walks away and Beth falls to her knees and cries. When heading to the changing rooms after P.E, Beth pulls Justin to the side hoping for a kiss but he declines. Linda and Steve share a kiss in three different scenes. Beth and Justin share a small kiss. Sandra walks over to David sitting on his stairs and gives him a kiss. At a party, Sandra (whose drunk) gives Donnie a kiss In the school cafeteria, Beth and Justin share a passionate kiss which makes everyone in the cafeteria look. Beth, Sandra and Bobby walk in on their mother and her boyfriend having sex on the floor. Bobby is rushed away but the two continue to engage. No nudity but a lot of thrusting and moaning.
violence SPOILER ALERT Sandra puts on a latex glove that Beth gives her and she holds Linda's head under the bath water until the timer on one of their phones goes to show that the four minutes is over. Bobby founds that his pet mouse killed all her babies, we see their dead bodies scattered around the cage with blood coming put from each of them. Steve is abusive to Beth as he pushes her against a wall in two scenes, but is interrupted at both times by a struggle the first time and by Sandra the second time. When Sandra finds Linda sitting at the bath, she finds bruises of the arm and back implying Steve is hitting her. While playing cards with Beth, Sandra and their friends, Linda (whose drunk) and Steve fall off their chairs, but he then gets angry and starts smashes stuff and leaves the room. Bobby accidentally spills Steve's drink on the coffee, Steve then slaps Bobby across the face, throws a beer bottle at a wall and smashes a floor lamps aggressively. Beth and Sandra shout in a restaurant over killing their mother.
profanity About 4 F-Words and a couple uses of shit. Name calling (slut-bag and fucker.)
alcohol Beth pours vodka into Linda's cup, Sandra then gives her pills, after Linda drinks the vodka and take the pills Sandra gives her more pills which makes her really drunk for when Beth and Sandra drown her. Beth is seen smoking pot on the apartment rooftop in two scenes. Justin smokes pot at a party. Ashley and Justin share a smoke of pot on an apartment rooftop. Linda drinks two cups of leftover wine on the dining table from a thanksgiving dinner and Beth watches in shock. Sandra smokes pot when walking with David and when in his car. When the police do a search warrant to the Aunt's house (where Beth and Sandra are staying), they find vodka under the bed and a bag of pot though they claim it's their cousin's. Sandra is seen drunk at two parties, one scene includes her juggling beer.
frightening The scene where Sandra holds her mother's head underwater maybe a little upsetting for some as Linda is seen struggling under the water. The final scene where the sisters are separated can be quite emotional.

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