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Disgraced former Presidential guard Mike Banning finds himself trapped inside the White House in the wake of a terrorist attack; using his inside knowledge, Banning works with national security to rescue the President from his kidnappers.

Mar 22,2013

Hollywood Movies | Action | Thriller

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When the White House (Secret Service Code: "Olympus") is captured by a terrorist mastermind and the President is kidnapped, disgraced former Presidential Secret Service Agent Mike Banning finds himself trapped within the building. As our national security team scrambles to respond, they are forced to rely on Banning's inside knowledge to help retake the White House, save the President and avert an even bigger disaster.

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity A man in bed is shown bare-chested and in long boxer shorts. Two men in a boxing ring wear loose shorts that reveal knees and lower legs. A woman wears a knee length sleeveless dress that is close fitting and reveals cleavage, bare arms and bare lower legs. Female tourists of all ages wear shorts that reveal most of their bare legs and T-shirts that reveal cleavage; in one scene, some of the women run down a street and their bosoms bounce. An older woman suffers a torn blouse that falls away to reveal a slip strap, bra straps and a little cleavage when two men pull her across a floor by her arms a short distance (please see the Violence/Gore category for more details) and her knee length skirt rides up to show the top of her thighs (we do not see underwear). A husband and his wife hug and kiss goodbye briefly. In a home, before a party, a husband and his wife embrace and kiss briefly. A husband and his wife kiss briefly in a limousine.
violence An AC-130 opens fire against several civilians and buildings, some blood is shown and bodies pile up. The entire sequence is violent. A paramilitary group of about 100 Koreans launches air and ground assaults on the White House with a plane, missiles, mortars, grenades, guns and knives while the South Korean prime minister visits inside: a plane uses four machine guns to down two USAF fighters overhead in loud crashes with flames and smoke; a plane fires on the White House with flashing shots and loud noises, then skims the Washington Monument, which crumbles off at the top third and kills visitors on the ground with large chunks of falling debris; a man straps an explosive backpack to the White House fence as four large garbage trucks pull up, open panels and fire huge machine guns at crowds of visitors, White House staff and military; dozens of people fall to the ground, their heads jerking as they die (no blood is seen) and a woman receives a wound to the temple and we see a spot of red on her head as she dies; several parked cars explode into flames or are shown with shattered windshields, with glass all over the hoods and the ground and a bus and a cruiser also explode and turn over in flames; dozens of terrorists walk onto the White House lawn, shooting guns and getting into fistfights with Secret Service and military and we see several men on both sides being shot in the neck, with much blood flowing from their wounds through clasped fingers; a man suffers several automatic shots from behind, and shooting through his chest as blood spurts (he falls and dies with his eyes open); after an extended period we see the White House lawn and foyer scorched, littered with dead bodies and burning in several places as the roof erupts with an explosion and we see automatic rifle bullets tear up the US Flag, which a terrorist lowers and flings over the roof and onto the ground. An older woman is brutally beaten by the main villain to gain her's and the president's compliance. She is punched and kicked with bloody results and she whimpers and cries in pain. There is a helicopter commando assault of the White House, but the villains are ready for this with an advanced anti-aircraft gun on the White House. The gun shoots at six US helicopters that are shooting at the building and we see each of them crash to the ground in smoke; the final copter crashes into the roof and a man on the roof shoots the machine gun on the roof, and then falls through to a floor below without permanent injuries (we hear that the occupants of the helicopters died). An agent fights alone in darkened hallways and secret passages against Korean terrorists in the White House: he rescues a boy, sends him up a ventilator shaft to freedom and the agent engages in a dozen hand-to-hand combat situations with Koreans and a White House staffer, killing each one with a stab to the head that leaves a pool of blood; the fights entail fist fighting, struggling against knives, choking and martial arts and in one scene he kills a terrorist by smashing his head with a bust of Lincoln, off screen. A Korean terrorist tells the acting US President over a video feed that the US interfered in the Korean War and he now wants to reopen it; several times, he puts a US Cabinet official in front of the camera and shoots the man or the woman in the back of the head (we see a flash as the person falls off screen) and he also kills the South Korean prime minister in this way. There is heavy bloodshed in several shootout scenes, with blood spraying out the backs of men's heads and onto walls as they are shot in the throat and we also see small red entrance wounds. A German shepherd dog is knocked down and shot in the head in a shadow on the ground as we hear its loud dying yelp. During a snowstorm at night, a limousine and surrounding cars in its entourage skid and collide into one another on a bridge, cracking windshields as we hear skidding; the limousine hangs halfway over the bridge above frozen water as a woman in the back seat sways, cries and displays blood on her head and neck while others in the vehicle escape; the woman's seat belt sticks and the vehicle falls over the bridge to break the ice below (we hear that she died as her young son comes running from another vehicle, crying). An agent breaks the neck of a Korean terrorist. An agent questions two terrorists that he has tied to chairs; he stabs one in the thigh with a knife and he stabs one in the throat to kill him (we see blood) in order to scare the other man into giving him information. An agent stops the missile countdown and finds the main terrorist and the President in a scuffle; the terrorist shoots the President and we see considerable blood on his abdomen (he later recovers), and the agent and the terrorist get into a violent fight which ends when the agent kills the terrorist with a knife to the head (we see a small pool of blood under the head). A man is punched in the face several times, knocked down and picked back up to his feet again in an underground bunker. Several times terrorists kick or punch hostages as they sit with their hands tied over their heads. Eight American hostages are hooded in black and connected to one another with ankle chains, they are marched to a helicopter on the White House lawn, placed into seats and as the copter lifts off, and it explodes in a huge ball of fire and smoke. US Army personnel arrive in tanks and a Korean man fires a rocket launcher into the front doors of the White House, blowing off the doors and a group of Koreans charge into the building. A man is bent over a chair, with a knife pressed against his ear, and forced to give a secret computer code to a terrorist. An injured woman (from beatings) is dragged through the White House by her wrists by two men, set upon her bare feet and told to walk outside over debris and multiple dead bodies (please see the Sex/Nudity category for more details). An agent tells a man that he will stick a knife in his brain. A seven-year-old boy lies unconscious on a hospital gurney after having been in a mass shooting and we see bandages around his lower legs and shoulders (all edges are red with blood); two women stand in the hallway, their abdomen and faces red with blood, holding their stomachs and calling for help; several military men in wheelchairs and gurneys are pushed down the hall and we see their faces burned black and red with flesh peeling off and one man is shown missing an arm and we see his bloody elbow; an elderly man with blood on his face and throat screams in pain and a younger man rocks back and forth while sitting on a gurney, screaming and crying. An agent suffers a bloody hand and a cut lip, showing some blood. In a brief scene, Pennsylvania Avenue is filled with ambulances and survivors of a terrorist attack are treated on the scene and taken away to hospitals. During a terrorist attack the President, the South Korean Prime minister, and other officials are taken to a secret underground bunker and once locked inside, Korean bodyguards and a few of the President's staff pull out handguns and tie all the officials to a railing as hostages. During a terrorist attack, several federal level officials argue loudly and curse one another. Two men practice boxing in a ring and we see them sweating as one is punched in the face without damage. A young boy plays a violent video game in which his character, a man, shoots at a large dinosaur with an automatic handgun. A Korean terrorist sets up a US computer that launches nuclear missiles, but adjusts it to blow the missiles in their silos in order to destroy America. We hear that North Korea is testing nuclear missiles. On a TV newscast, we hear that half the White House went up in flames.
profanity About 41 uses of "fuck," 13 of "shit," 13 of "hell," 5 of "ass," 4 of "Goddamn," 4 of "asshole," 3 each of "Jesus" and "My God," 2 of "Jesus Christ," and 1 use each of "For Christ's sake," "son of a bitch," "damn," "Oh, my God" and "God."
alcohol A nurse puts down a hypodermic syringe while seeing a male patient and tells someone to make sure that the patient receives morphine. A man smokes a cigarette in two indoor scenes with significant smoke curling upwards.
frightening When McMillan is beaten by the korean terrorist, it gets a bit messy and violent. The AC-130 attack sequence is fairly intense and gritty. The above mentioned torture scene is violent. The scenes where men a dying one after the other and just being mowed down by terrorists machine guns might be very upsetting. There is ONE instance of a suicide bomb and the man's dismembered body is seen thrown into the air with the explosion. There is a bit of a jump scene in which 2 men are strapped to chairs and one of them is quite suddenly stabbed in the neck. People might be upset over a secret service dog being killed during the attack on the White House. The President's son, a young boy, is hunted by the terrorists to use him to coerce the President to their bidding. However, the hero is able to get him to an outside hatch to allow US soldiers to find him and deliver him to safety. An older woman is marched to the front door and forced to walk out the front door, obviously to be shot in front of news media cameras. However, the hero gets to the front lobby and attacks the terrorists before they fire while US soldiers outside get to the woman and lead her to safety.

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