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Spoiled by their upbringing with no idea what wild life is really like, four animals from New York Central Zoo escape, unwittingly assisted by four absconding penguins, and find themselves in Madagascar, among a bunch of merry lemurs.

May 27,2007

Animation | Adventure | Comedy

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Length: 82 Minute(s)
Resolution: 668x352

At New York's Central Park Zoo, a lion, a zebra, a giraffe, and a hippo are best friends and stars of the show. But when one of the animals goes missing from their cage, the other three break free to look for him, only to find themselves reunited ... on a ship en route to Africa. When their vessel is hijacked, however, the friends, who have all been raised in captivity, learn first-hand what life can be like in the wild.

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity 2/10 Gloria comes out of the ocean with star fish on her chest and a crab strategically placed over her crotch, strikes a pose, and tells the sea creatures, "Alrighty boys, fun's over." A lemur sings about women moving their bodies. Alex dreams about steak and describes it in romantic terms.
violence 2/10 We see a bird eaten by a carnivorous flower, and a duckling is swallowed by a crocodile. A human skeleton attached to a parachute hangs from a tree; a decrepit plane is nearby. A lemur uses a human skeleton hand to point and make gestures. Many animal control officers, with their guns drawn and looking scared, surround several animals, and shoot a Alex in the buttock with a tranquilizer dart (Alex is shot on two different occasions). An old lady beats up Alex by hitting it on the head with her purse repeatedly, and also kicks it in the crotch. A hippopotamus hits a lion with a large stick and keeps hitting it (it's trying to save it from a spider on its back). A penguin knocks a man out with a strike to the neck, and a penguin hits a man in the face (the man is tied up and his mouth is taped). Alex is hit in the face with a tree branch, it steps on a thorn, a tree falls on it and it's caught in a large spider web. It is also hit by a coconut and falls down a waterfall. Hungry Alex jumps and bites a zebra's backside (they're friends, but the lion is starving and hallucinating about steaks); we see the zebra later with a large Band-Aid on its backside. A penguin says that he and his fellow penguins killed some humans and "had eaten their livers" (he's kidding).
profanity 2/10 There is also a scene where the letter "P" in the "HELP" sign Alex made breaks off and reads "HELL". But it refers to the place. At one scene, when Marty runs away from Alex in slow motion, he shouts out: "Sugar Honey Iced Tea!".Take the first four letters of those four letters and they spell "Shit". 1 mild racial slur when Chris Rock's character describes the island's lack of people as "cracker lackin'".
alcohol 2/10 Animals are having cocktails made out of seawater. There's also 2 scenes where Alex the lion gets tranquilized and trips out.
frightening 2/10 Without his staple of raw zoo meat, Alex starts seeing the others as fresh meat and then doesn't realize what he's doing when he bites Marty's butt. With his instincts in overdrive, he then chases after Marty (with the old National Geographic theme song playing on the soundtrack). Various hyena type animals are after Marty who kicks one back, but the rest jump on him. Melman then does a Tarzan bit and rescues Marty, but they then slam into a rock wall (played for action comedy). The penguins then use a spinning object to send things flying out that hit the menacing animals. A small duck is eaten. May upset some small children. A foosa is used to attack other foosas by Alex. As Alex slowly goes without food, he grows increasingly wild looking switch might scare younger children. 9/50 - 7+ If movies had ESRB ratings: E10+ for Crude Humor, Mild Cartoon Violence A hippopotamus hits a lion with a large stick and keeps hitting it (it's trying to save it from a spider on its back)

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