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The sons of police chief Brody must protect civilians at a Sea World theme park after a 35-foot shark becomes trapped in the park with them.

Jul 23,1983

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Length: 94 Minute(s)
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Michael Brody and Sean Brody, the sons of former Amity police chief Martin Brody, work at Florida's Sea World, a seaside park run by Calvin Bouchard. Sean befriends Kelly Ann Bukowski, and Michael's girlfriend Kathryn Morgan is Sea World's head scientist who always works with Sea World's dolphins Cindy and Sandy. In its man-made lagoon, about 40 feet under the water, Sea World opens the Undersea Kingdom, a new set of underwater glass tunnels that have their own control room, and Calvin's friend Philip FitzRoyce is there to do some filming. When Sea World diver Shelby Overman vanishes, everyone is worried. Michael and Kathryn head into the water, where they find a baby great white shark and decide to bring it to Sea World to put it on display, but at Sea World, the baby shark dies. When Overman's body is found, Michael vomits when he sees it. Kathryn looks at the body and knows that the baby shark could not have been the shark that killed Overman, because the baby shark's bite radius .

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity 3/10 No sex scenes, but there are some sexual references. Women in bikinis, men in speedos. A man and woman undress to their underwear as the man chases the woman around before they go swimming in their underwear.
violence 7/10 A severed arm is shown. A man is eaten with little blood shown. Two men disappear into the water; it is implied they are killed by the shark. Several injured people are seen in the water. A girl is cut with blood streaming down. 9 women fall off skiing boards in terror. A dead corpse is seen. A main character falls into the shark's mouth, he survives however, and we see him struggling to escape. He is then eaten slowly, his grunts and moans as he dies can be disturbing. A fair about of crunching is heard as well, and a lot of blood flows into the water. A man is grabbed by the shark and violently bitten in half. A shark is blown to pieces -- lots of body parts and blood, but the shark's death is shown in 3-D. The film has a body count about the same as the first Jaws but is more graphic and arguably the goriest in the series.
profanity 4/10 20 Hells, 4 Asses, 7 oh my gods and 14 freaking. A couple uses of Shit and Damn
alcohol 2/10 The first night Mike, Sean and Kathryn meet Kelly, they are drinking whiskey or wine etc.
frightening 7/10 There is one part of the movie were somebody pulls the sheet off of an exteremly decapitated body, we can see the face up close, this part can be extremly terifying for everyone. One of the most can be or even the bloodiest delivery in the Jaws series. Some images are disturbing to many people and for a sensitive audience. In addition to large doses of suspense and tension.Only recommended for adolescents 14-15 that can withstand the foregoing and for adults. The shark looks extremely fake as most of the time it is an animation added onto the screen. Suspense and terror throughout the film, will scare young viewers. 22/50 Recommended rating: PG for scary sequences of shark attacks and peril including disturbing images, and for some violence, suggestive content, language, and some sensuality and smoking

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