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A police detective investigates the truth behind his partner#39;s death. The mysterious case reveals disturbing police corruption and a dangerous secret involving an unlikely young woman.

Jan 22,2016

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Crime | Mystery

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Length: 102 Minute(s)
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Detective Galban Keanu Reeves, finds his partner and close friend, Detective Cullen, murdered in an underground subway. On the hunt for the killer/s, Galban begins to suspect his partner may have been heavily involved in drug dealing and police corruption. As Galban investigates, people who knew Cullen, are conveniently found dead. The closer Galban gets to the truth, both Cullen's wife, Janine Mira Sorvino, and his Lieutenant Christopher McDonald, try to persuade him to back off, fearing his findings may discredit Cullen and expose corruption within the Police Department. Galban's only remaining lead is Isabel, a young, devout, Latino girl, who resides with her in-laws. Galban fears her life could be in jeopardy should he get too close to her. However, Isabel has recently experienced something not from this world, something mystical that she believes is truly a miracle. Not unlike Galban, Isabel is dealing with her own demons from the past; a past that just may lead them to the truth...

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity Female is being flirtatious while as she seductively puts food on her finger and inserts it into male's mouth, Young girl implies a much older man has 'hurt' her. Male refers to his friend being sodomized. Policeman refers to male being sodomized. A girl is raped.
violence Woman is grabbed by male from behind, dragged into a small, dark area in a railway station and violently raped. Woman stabs man in the back with a large knife. Male shot in stomach. Woman stabs man in the stomach with a kitchen knife. Man repeatedly stabs man in the stomach. Man punches two different men in the stomach on two separate occasions. Man says to another man, "if you came here to kill me, right, you better make sure, you do a good job". Photographs containing violent deaths are shown in the police station. Young girl is seen with bruise marks around her neck.
profanity Jonathon 'Black' Jones uses the term 'faggot cop'. Janine Cullen uses the work 'fucking'. Female asks if her husband was 'fooling' around with this 'bitch'. Male refers to another male as 'you definitely one little tough nigger, man'. The word 'prick' is used to describe a policeman. Jonathon 'Black' Jones refers to another male as 'my bigger nigger'. Lots of language including the f word a few times.
alcohol Detective Galbon is seen smoking outside a house during a wake. Detective Galbon is seen smoking whilst sitting in his vehicle. Jonathon 'black' Jones is seen smoking whilst walking in the park. Detective Galbon is seen drinking alcohol in a bar.
frightening Man is seen standing on railway track. Woman is seen standing in the middle of the street. Dog's leash breaks and he is hit by a moving vehicle. Man is seen laying on train track. Isabel de la Cruz is seen vomiting into a toilet bowl. Young girl is seen standing in the street with traffic coming towards her. Spirit/Angel/Alien with large black eyes is seen multiple times.

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