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In Colombia, a youthful surfer meets the lady he had always wanted - and afterward he meets her uncle, Pablo Escobar.

Jun 26,2015

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Romance | Crime

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Nicko and his brother take off from Canada in search of an easier life on the beaches of Colombia. Nicko meets a girl in the local village and they quickly fall in love, only for Nicko to later find out that Maria's uncle is the drug trafficker, Pablo Escobar. His life takes a dramatic turn after meeting El Patron, and Nick is forced into impossible situations to try and keep his family safe, but does Pablo have other ideas?

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Movie Parental Guide

violence Some of the stronger scenes in the film include a shootout in a bar where a man is shot in the chest with the impact and some blood visible; a scene of a ferocious dog being unleashed on a young man with close shots of the dog biting the latters leg; a scene where some badly-burnt bodies are seen being tied together and hanging from a tree brunch, and a scene depicting a close-up shot of a bloody wound on a young mans stomach with the bullet lodged inside.
frightening Parental Guidance strongly recommended for persons aged 13 and below. Official MPAA Rating: Rated R for violence including grisly images

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