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The story of a privileged girl and a charismatic boy whose instant desire sparks a love affair made only more reckless by parents trying to keep them apart.

Feb 14,2014

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Romance

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The story of a privileged girl and a charismatic boy whose instant desire sparks a love affair made only more reckless by parents trying to keep them apart.

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity A young woman wearing a sheer nightgown (we see the silhouette of her body and the outline of her nipples through the fabric) invites a young man to join her in her bedroom; they kiss and he removes his shirt (we see his bare chest and abdomen), she removes her nightgown (we see her wearing panties and her bare back and the sides of her breasts are seen) and they kiss and lie back on the floor, kissing sex is implied. A young woman wearing a bra and panties (her cleavage, bare abdomen and upper thighs are seen) is sitting on a bed while a young man is in the other room (she appears to be waiting for him, but he is unsure). A young man and a young woman kiss in a library and she has her legs wrapped around his waist with her skirt raised to show her bare thighs. A young woman wearing a bikini (cleavage, bare chest, abdomen, back and legs are seen) and a young man wearing swim shorts (bare chest, back and abdomen are seen) kiss and hug. A young woman takes off her dress and we see her wearing a bikini as she runs toward a lake with a young man following and taking off his shirt; they swim and hug and kiss. A young man and a young woman are seen in a bathtub together and their bare shoulders are seen above the water. A young woman spins around and her skirt flips up to reveal her panties and bare legs to the hip as a young man watches. A woman wears a low-cut, slinky night gown that reveals cleavage and bare shoulders. A young woman wears a low-cut dress that reveals her cleavage, shoulders, upper chest and legs. Many young women wear low-cut tops and dresses throughout the movie that reveal cleavage, bare arms, bare shoulders and bare upper backs. A young woman is shown sleeping in bed alone wearing panties and a T-shirt that reveal her bare legs to the hip. Young men and young women are seen wearing swim suits at a pool party. A young woman wears a deeply cut tank top that reveals her cleavage. A young woman and a young woman dance sensually and when the lights go out they sneak to a closet where they kiss until they are called out by her father. A young man and a young woman kiss in several scenes. A man and a woman (she's not his wife) kiss in a dark garage. A young man and a young woman lie on a beach and kiss. A young man and a young woman lock eyes and we understand that the young man is interested in the young woman romantically. A young man hugs a young woman and he makes a flirty face while looking at another young man who is interested in the young woman romantically. A young woman sits in a booth next to a young man and she flirts with him. Several male and female couples dance suggestively as part of a dance contest while others watch. A man speaks about a young woman in a sexual manner and refers to her as "Your hot little girlfriend." A woman laments her youth and love with her husband.
violence A man takes a baseball bat and charges toward a young man who falls to the ground and the man raises the bat but is stopped before hitting him. A house begins to burn after a lit candle is tipped over and a man runs into a room to retrieve items; a young man comes to find him and is knocked out by a blast, they leave the room engulfed in flames and make their way out but beams fall and trap the young man (they both make it out covered with char and coughing). Police chase several young men and young women after they have broken into a zoo after hours; one young man climbs a fence and is caught on the other side and handcuffed. Two young men and a young woman speed in another man's sports car (they are valets at a restaurant); when they return to the restaurant, they are confronted by the car's owner and they squabble until one of the young men punches him in the face. A man talks to a young man about his past and police record and says that the young man beat a man that he found with his mother until he ended up in the hospital; the young man punches the man in the face and we see his bloody mouth. A young woman speeds away in a car after arguing with a young man and she is struck by another car (we see her in the hospital recovering later with bloody cuts and bruises on her face, and we hear that she has a broken wrist). When a man drops his keys on the ground for a valet to pick up and acts dismissively, the valet becomes angry and lunges toward him; he is stopped by another valet. A young man punches a heavy bag angrily. A man speaks in a threatening tone to a young man about not seeing his daughter in several scenes. Two men argue and one gives the other a restraining order against his son. A young man and a young woman argue bitterly. A woman confronts her husband about keeping their daughter away from a young man. A man becomes angry and confronts his son about being in his dead brother's old room and touching his things. We see an X-ray of a patient in a hospital and a young woman talks about what he might be suffering from. We see a young man's bloody knuckles after he punched a man in the face. A man lifts up his young adult son and they fall to the ground (all in fun and no one is hurt).
profanity At least 1 F-word, 9 scatological terms, 2 anatomical terms, 4 mild obscenities and 3 religious exclamations (Oh God, Thank God and Jesus Christ). After an altercation in front of an upscale restaurant, the owner of a Maseratti sports car tells a valet that "it will take more than a fast ride in his car to get her to spread her legs", resulting in a punch to his face. Name-calling (stupid, coward and low-life son.)
alcohol A young man says, "We're gonna do a little high" and then says "We're gonna do a lot of high" while gesturing smoking. Partygoers toast to a young woman at her graduation party (the underage attendees hold plastic cups and it is unclear what they are drinking while the adults drink champagne.) A man drinks an alcoholic beverage on an airplane. A man has a drink on a table near him at home (we do not see him drink.) A young woman holds a bottle of beer (we do not see her drinking.) Glasses of champagne are poured and we see young men and young women drink.
frightening Jade is in a car accident that leaves her injured and temporarily hospitalized. David punches a disrespectful restaurant patron and later -- after much verbal abuse and provocation -- punches Jade's hateful father.

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