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A loving father finds a clown suit for his son s birthday party, only to realize the suit is part of an evil curse that turns its wearer into a killer .

Nov 13,2014

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Horror

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A loving father finds a clown suit for his son's birthday party, only to realize the suit is part of an evil curse that turns its wearer into a killer .
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity No sex at all. A woman straddles her husband on the couch. They both are fully clothed and the scene is brief. They are being flirty, but not necessarily sexual.
violence There is a lot of blood and gore throughout this movie The clown feeds on children so there is a fair bit of children being killed which may upset some views ...the camera is not directed at the children when kills are made, it mostly shows blood being splattered A dog is decapitated The Clown is decapitated after a few seconds he keeps moving because there is one slither of skin left so a woman rips it off A man breaks another mans hand and the bone is visible A man tries to decapitate another man but misses and gets his shoulder A man tries to cut off the clown suit but accidentally cuts his wrists You see the clown bite a boys fingers off and he screams A sawblade goes through a boy and you see him fall down
profanity 3 or 4 uses of - "F**K" Quite a few uses of - "S**T" Two uses of the term 'fag'.
alcohol A woman offers another woman a glass of alcohol but she says no because she is pregnant
frightening The last 20 minuets of the movie is quite intense for some viewers Definitely not for younger audiences. I know as a kid I'd be frightened and probably not want to sleep the night I watched this. As for adults, I'd say it's a decent horror movie. The clown in this movie eats children, although when he does, you only see blood splatter on walls and crushing - which only lasts for a few seconds, before the scenes cut away. - Very disturbing, moderately bloody. About 5 minutes before the credits, there is a showdown between the Clown and his wife. You graphically get to see her cut/chop the Clown's head off, and whilst thinking he's dead, he attempts to move and when this happens, she proceeds to rip the last piece of flesh off of his neck, completely separating his head from his body. Moments later, you will be able to see the clown suit 'dissolve' and see the human's body be visible once again, however dead. - Extremely frightening and bloody. Lastly, the Clown's appearance is rather creepy and scary. At the beginning of the movie, the suit starts out just as a suit, as the movie progresses, the suit becomes skin and furthermore looks more and more monster/creature-like.

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