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A paranormal expert and his daughter bunk in an abandoned house populated by 3 mischievous ghosts and one friendly one.

May 26,1995

Hollywood Movies | Comedy

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Length: 96 Minute(s)
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Furious that her late father only willed her his gloomy-looking mansion rather than his millions, Carrigan Crittenden is ready to burn the place to the ground when she discovers a map to a treasure hidden in the house. But when she enters the rickety mansion to seek her claim, she is frightened away by a wicked wave of ghosts. Determined to get her hands on this hidden fortune, she hires afterlife therapist Dr. James Harvey to exorcise the ghosts from the mansion. Harvey and his daughter Kat move in, and soon Kat meets Casper, the ghost of a young boy who's "the friendliest ghost you know." But not so friendly are Casper's uncles--Stretch, Fatso and Stinkie--who are determined to drive all "fleshies" away. Ultimately, it is up to Harvey and Kat to help the ghosts cross over to the other side.

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity None
violence 3/10. Some mild comic violence including a humerous fight scene. Ghosts pull out guns and attempt to kill a man. Two characters die and later on in the film turn into ghosts. Carrigan grabs an axe and tries to kill Dibbs, after this fails she attempts to run him over. This attempted is thwarted by her crashing into a tree. She then forces open her door and accidentally falls to her death.
profanity To avoid a G rating the film's script uses the swears: bitch, crap, damn, hell, and piss off
alcohol 2/10. A character smokes cigarettes in a few scenes. A character is drunk which leads to his death.
frightening 6/10. Some scary moments which may make children feel a bit uncomfortable. Three mean ghosts are quite frightening and rude, they turn out to be nice at the end. Some characters die or are referenced to be dead. Overall Total Content: 18/50. 0-5: Suitable for very young children. (The Care Bears Movie). 5-10: Take some caution with very young children. (The Incredibles). 10-20: 8 Years +. (THIS). 20-25: 12 Years +. (The Dark Knight). 25-30: Suitable for mature audiences. (Blazing Saddles). 30-40: 15 Years +. (South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut). 40-50: Absolutely adults only. (Pink Flamingos).

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