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Star race car Lightning McQueen and his pal Mater head overseas to compete in the World Grand Prix race. But the road to the championship becomes rocky as Mater gets caught up in an intriguing adventure of his own: international espionage.

Jun 24,2011

Hollywood Movies | Adventure | Comedy

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After Mater gets his best friend, star race car Lightning McQueen, a spot in the very first World Grand Prix, he is given the job of pit crew chief. But while they are in Japan, Mater crosses paths with Holly Shiftwell, a spy searching for an American spy. Unknown to Mater, the American spy attached a tracking device on him while being attacked. Thinking the tow truck is the spy, Holly and another spy, Finn McMissile, take Mater around the world to find and stop an evil plot created by "lemons," old cars considered ugly.

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity 1/10 A male and a female car act as though they are kissing, but they pull away quickly. We see a male and a female car on a "date" at a restaurant. A female car reminds a male car that he needs to take her on a date. On multiple occasions cars refer to one another as boyfriends and girlfriends.
violence 4/10 Cars are outfitted with machine guns, rockets and other spy-weapon paraphernalia, resulting in numerous bullet-riddled and explosion-peppered chase scenes. Cars frequently crash and smash into the scenery and often crumble on impact. One spy, for instance, gets killed, and his body shows up as a cube of crushed metal. In what's easily the film's most suggestively disturbing scene, a vehicle is tortured as his engine is revved and his internal fluids are slowly set to boiling. The victim begins smoking and reacting in pain and eventually blows up (offscreen). Elsewhere, some racers get nailed by an electromagnetic pulse that causes them to crash and their engines to erupt in flames, resulting in a multicar pileup. When Mater gets cornered and captured by the bad guys, they use knock-out gas to subdue him. Mater, McMissile and Holly are bound to a giant mechanism set to crush them. Later, Mater realizes he has a ticking time bomb strapped to his engine. Holly shocks a car with an electrode gun.
profanity 2/10 Mater is quite fond of saying "dad gum" and "gee." He also repeatedly mentions his propensity to "screw things up." Put downs include "idiot" and "jerk!"
alcohol 2/10 We see cars popping bottles of champagne. We see cars at a bar drinking from martini glasses. A truck drinks from a martini glass. A car remarks that drinks at a reception are free, another car responds with "then why I am here." We see a car taking martini glasses and pitchers from a bar and trays. We see filled pint glasses lined up on a bar in front of cars.
frightening 4/10 The entire movie is slightly darker then the first, and may surprise viewers expecting a light-hearted kid's movie. It's implied that a car who was prominently featured in the first movie has died. Although the characters who die/get hurt are not human, realistic animation and voice acting truly makes you think a person has been killed. Young children may find the villain's altered voice to be frightening. Two cars and a truck are tied up inside a clock, with the cars set to be crushed in the gears. They all escape unharmed. A truck has a bomb attached to it, with a visible countdown timer. A spy car is tortured and then blown up. (see Violence & Gore) Total Excplicity content: 12/50

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