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Four men set out in the Wild West to rescue a group of captives from cannibalistic cave dwellers . Watch Online And Download Bone Tomahawk (2015) Full Length Movie for Free with single click

Oct 23,2015

Hollywood Movies | Horror | Western

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Four men set out in the Wild West to rescue a group of captives from cannibalistic cave dwellers .
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity Near the beginning of the film is a sexual scene between a couple in bed, where upper female body nudity and sexual positions coupled with thrusting movements can be seen. The tribal men have only their genitals covered, buttocks are in full view, lots butts, especially near the end of the movie. In the last few moments of the movie, the characters walk upon two tribal women who are both either on their side, or back, both very pregnant with breasts fully exposed. A man is also forcibly stripped naked. His buttocks are visible for a prolonged period and genitalia briefly exposed. The tribal men strip this man, violently naked, his butt in full view. He then sits facing the sheriff, with genitals in the shadows, but still visible if you are looking close. The tribal men do this in preparation to eat the man. See violence/gore for more on this scene.
violence The film contains some scenes of violence involving brutal killings of the Sheriff's rescue troupe by the savage tribe. These are mostly concentrated towards the second half of the film, with bloodletting and impact of violence shown. In one of the stronger scenes, a man taken prisoner by the savage tribe has his scalp cut off along with his hair. The man is then killed in a gory manner with his torso being hacked into half, and his entrails falling out. Extremely graphic and very disturbing. Other scenes of violence in the film include a man's hand (mostly fingers) being cut off when a savage swings an axe at him, then dismembering him, leaving bloody stumps, as well as a man cutting into a dead mans throat with a dagger and digging into it with his bare hands to dislodge an embedded object A man is beheaded after multiple swings of a bone axe. The first swing shows a bloody wound, and the next decapitates him, showing a bloody stump where his head was. There are also some gory depictions of disemboweled victims. Other 'milder' depictions of violence include, but are not limited to: Several men have their throats slit;A man's head being bashed with a rock with bloody results. ]A man having been shot with an arrow and seeing his organs and/or spine ripped out of his chest by hand; a man getting shot in the leg with bloodletting visible; A prolonged disturbing scene of a bullet being surgically removed; 2 men being shot with moderate bloodletting;A man getting shot (with somewhat bloody results) whilst attempting to stab another man to death while he sleeps The briefest sequences of violence include, but are not limited to: More men are shot with bullets and by arrows; A man's hand nearly gets severed off during an ambush; A man getting shot in the wrist by an arrow with little bloodletting; A man being choked, and while gasping for air, gets a large animal bone inserted into his mouth before being knocked unconscious; 2 Indians are shot, whereby one of them is shown to have a sound producing instrument inserted into his larynx, sequence afterwards is shown above as the 'embedded object'; another Indian getting shot with little to no blood visible;A brief scene of a man's stomach getting cut open, and a flask that has been sitting on hot coals gets inserted into his wound; Several more unknown men get shot with little bloodletting. a man is stripped naked, then held upside down, butt facing the camera, and the tribal men proceed to chop and hack at his genitals with a bone tomahawk. He is still alive as they chop and hack, initially there is no visible impact, it is just behind what we can see, we just see his butt as the axe falls just beyond it. Then the tribal men pull him apart, completely in two, from butt crack to neck, his insides spill all over the floor. Very gory, very, very disturbing.
profanity There are typical utterances of mild language such as 'hell', 'goddamn', and 'sh*t', uttered by the main characters out of pain, suffering and anger/frustration.
alcohol Occasional smoking and drinking.
frightening The Native Americans are shown as disturbing cannibals with physically intimidating features. They emit a frightening howl thanks to special instruments inserted into their necks. See the violence/gore section for the extent of the frightening scenes, most of the scary scenes are the ones with the most violence. Not many, if any, jump scares.

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