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The narrative of two North Carolina youngsters, Landon Carter and Jamie Sullivan, who are put together after Landon gets into inconvenience and is made to do group administration.

Jan 25,2002

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Romance

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In Beaufort, North Carolina, a trick on an understudy turns out badly and puts the understudy in the healing facility. Landon Carter, a prevalent understudy with no characterized plans for what's to come, is considered mindful and compelled to partake in after-school group administration exercises as discipline, which incorporate featuring as the lead in the school play. Additionally taking an interest in these exercises is Jamie Sullivan, the reverend's girl who has awesome aspirations and nothing in the same way as Landon. At the point when Landon chooses he needs to consider his exercises important, he approaches Jamie for help and starts to invest the vast majority of his energy with her. Be that as it may, he creates solid affections for her, something he didn't hope to do. The two begin a relationship, much to the shame of Landon's old mainstream companions and Jamie's strict reverend father. In any case, when a deplorable mystery gets to be realized that puts their relationship under a magnifying glass, it is then that Landon and Jamie understand the genuine significance of affection and destiny

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity Eric mentions something about being ready to "get his freak on" and one of the girls tells him to "put your freak away before you hurt somebody." We also see Dean make a sexual gesture toward one of the girls by putting his hands on either side of his clothed crotch and then doing a pelvic thrust. Eric then mentions that he's ready to get his "groove on" with Belinda (but she blows him off). PG/PG13 A photoshopped picture of Jaime circulates around the cafeteria. It is of a women in a bikini. However in the background on the flyers the other students are holding, the original picture (of a naked woman) can be seen faintly. PG/PG13 When Jamie and Landon are looking at the stars he pulls out a blanket and Jamie asks him if he is going to seduce her. Then he asks her if she is seducable. She answers no. It goes no further from there. PG Eric thrusts on a bench implying two people having sex, he impersonates the guy and girl in the situation. PG/PG13
violence After seeing his friends making fun of Jamie, Landon pushes Dean, who then pushes him back. Landon then punches him in the face and Dean then pushes someone aside who tries to intervene. PG A teenage boy jumps from a very high height in to a lake (as a form of hazing). When he resurfaces, he is not moving and is eventually dragged out of the water. He is conscious but bleeding. The character is later found out to be hospitalized. PG Jaime reveals she has leukemia, and she passes out in one scene. We see her in the hospital hooked up to IVs and an oxygen tank. She looks frail afterwards, and it is revealed that she passes in the end, although we do not see the actual death. PG Landon is very moody and gets into a lot of verbal and physical arguments. He also doesn't want to have anything to do with his father, and he is shown shunning him. There is an emotional apology later, which can make people cry. PG
profanity At least 11 "s" words, 5 hells, 3 asses, 1 damn and 1 incomplete "Jesus" used as exclamations, at least one jackass. PG/PG13 When Jamie closes the door in Landon's face a second time (the first porch scene at her house) he responds "Jamie" (barely audible), then a very loud "Dammit." PG Note: With Jamie being the Preacher's daughter, there are several religious names used, both as exclamations and in the proper context. G/PG
alcohol Landon shows up at an initiation get-together and asks if anyone has any beer. A friend comments that they drank it all back at school and someone jokingly mentions that Landon already had enough. PG/PG13 During a visit to the Principal's office, the Principal pulls out a few empty beer bottles and states that they were found on school property and that someone reportedly saw Landon and his friends drinking at the dance the previous night. PG
frightening Scenes involving a person dying from leukemia (the person collapses and is then in the hospital, etc.) may be disturbing to some viewers. At the beginning of the picture a teen is pushed into shallow water from high scaffolding and is knocked out, and when he is picked up he is bleeding. Landon is very moody and gets into a lot of verbal and physical arguments. Some of them can be upsetting to sensitive viewers. He also doesn't want to have anything to do with his father, and he is shown shunning him. There is an emotional apology later, which can make people cry. Jamie gets upset when seeing flyers featuring her face on a bikini clad woman's body, and begins to run off when she is stopped by Landon. He comforts her then confronts the boy who made them. They get in to a small fight, before he swears at Landon and Landon and Jamie leave. Note: The flyers originally featured a naked woman but in order to maintain a PG rating a bikini was constructed on the image. This is only on the flyer shown close up. The flyers that the other students are holding have the original naked image, which can be seen but only from a distance.

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