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After a brilliant but asocial mathematician accepts secret work in cryptography, his life takes a turn for the nightmarish.

Jan 04,2002

Hollywood Movies | Drama

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A biopic of the meteoric rise of John Forbes Nash Jr., a math prodigy able to solve problems that baffled the greatest of minds. And how he overcame years of suffering through schizophrenia to win the Nobel Prize.

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity Rated PG-13 for intense thematic material, language, sexual content and some violence. 3/10 (0:20:20) In a bar scene, Nash tells all of his friends a plan on how they can all get laid but they do not actually use it. (0:14:33) Nash tells a woman in a bar that he doesn't exactly know what he's required to say to get her to have intercourse with him, but to imagine that he's already said it. He then talks about fluid exchange. (0:48:03) Nash tells soon-to-be wife Alicia that his directness offends women. She says, "try me,", and he replies "I find you attractive, and I want to have intercourse with you as soon as possible." She kisses him twice, and the scene ends. (1:27:32) While married, Alicia tries to arouse her husband in bed by sliding her hand down his chest under the covers. He turns away from her, saying that his medication has ruined his desire for intimacy. (1:36:14) An infant boy is seen in a bath; his genitals are clearly visible.
violence 5/10 A man hits his head on a window drawing a fair amount of bleeding. A desk is pushed through a window destroying the desk. There is a car shoot-out involving a car crash, two men getting shot, and a car going off the road into a lake. A man accidentally strikes his wife during a scuffle with a hallucination. A little child is seen in a bathtub full of water up to its nose after a parent leaves him unattended. A man uses his fingers to probe inside a self-inflicted cut in his wrist that he made off-screen using his fingernails, trying to find an "implant" inserted into his wrist. Blood is shown all over his arm, clothing, and floor. There are no close-ups of the wound, but it is very realistic and disturbing. A man is seen receiving insulin injection therapy, which is quite disturbing. A woman screams and breaks a medicine cabinet mirror with her fists after medication makes her husband no longer interested in sex. A woman slaps a man in anger.
profanity 4/10 1 mumbled F-word (very hard to hear even if you are looking for it) and 4 uses of ''Shit''. A woman says the word "Asshole" once. "Dick" is said once. There are other vulgarities and profanities such as bitch, crap, hell, damn, ass, piss and bastard. Religous profanities: Jesus,Jesus Christ, Christ
alcohol 2/10 Numerous characters smoke and drink in several scenes. Nash uses medication for Schizophrenia.
frightening 5/10 Some of the scenes described in the section on violence might be hard for some viewers. Some scenes where Nash recieves shock treatment for his Schizophrenia are extremely intense. Some of Nash's hallucinations may be alarming. Total:17/50

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