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In the wake of getting in a fender bender, a lady is held in a haven with two men, who assert the outside world is influenced by a far reaching substance assault.

Mar 11,2016

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Horror | Mystery

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Not long after in the wake of abandoning her life partner Michelle is included in an auto collision. She stirs to wind up imparting an underground dugout to Howard and Emmett. Has she been spared from an apocalyptical occasion as Howard and Emmett advise her or are there different intentions in her being held without wanting to?

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity A woman is shown lying on a bed in her underwear for a few minutes, before she dresses. Nothing sexual. A woman wears a tight white tank top with a black bra beneath it and shows some cleavage. We see a photo of a woman in a bikini in a magazine. A man tries to steady a woman who nearly fell and another man says, "Keep your hands to yourself. No touching!"
violence A character shows bloody cuts and bruises after surviving a car crash. A character has a bloody and mutilated face, looking as if burned by radiation or chemicals. The dead bodies of two pigs are also shown bearing the same kind of burns. A man has acid dunked on him, he flails on the ground and his skin peels off in close up, and tries to fight another character , whilst his skin is melting. A character is shot (blood splatters onto the wall and he screams in pain) and then put into a barrel of acid; blood is shown on the wall along with brain matter. The barrel containing his body is seen again later, bleeding and deformed. This is the most shocking and intense scene in the film. A character is attacked with corrosive acid and is seen later with his face and arm horribly burned. A woman is grabbed and stabbed with a needle that sedates her towards the beginning of the film. Very intense and disturbing. A character cuts a man's face with a broken bottle and is ordered to stitch up the gash; the surgery is shown in close up and detail. Quite gory. A character tries to stab a person who is crawling through a metal vent. The knife is viciously thrust through the metal walls a few times, coming very close to the person but no injuries are sustained. A woman who has been exposed to radiation screams at a character to let her into a sealed bunker and then smashes her head against the window. Her head starts bleeding, and blood sprays onto the window from her open wound.
profanity 1 F-word, 4 scatological terms, 6 mild obscenities, 8 religious exclamations (e.g. Oh God.)
alcohol A man injects a woman in the arm with a sedative to knock her out. A man offers a woman some painkillers. A woman packs an unopened bottle of Scotch and leaves her apartment. A man and a woman drink homemade vodka. A man tells a woman that he became drunk one night so he would miss the bus to go to college the next morning.
frightening The movie is EXTREMELY intense and scary throughout. The main enemy is a very menacing and disturbing character and the two main characters are under constant threat throughout. A woman gets into a car crash in the beginning of the film; it happens very suddenly and will startle viewers. The entire final 20 minute sequence is quite intense and scary. Throughout the film is an unease atmosphere that plays with the emotions of the viewer. A character is shot with no build up or warning. It is very loud and gory and will disturbingly startle viewers. A character 's remains are seen decaying in a bucket of acid. A character kicks a bucket of acid over another person; he begins screaming and flailing around. Very disturbing. A character whose face was exposed to acid is seen disfigured, bleeding and severely hurt. A woman who has been exposed to radiation screams at a character to let her into a sealed bunker then smashes her head against the glass. MPAA/USA - Rated PG-13 for thematic material including frightening sequences of threat with some violence, and brief language. BBFC/UK - Rated 12A (moderate threat, violence, infrequent strong language).

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